With our dedicated Legionella Team and purpose built Legionella testing facilities Biosearch has the capacity to analyse large quantities of samples with analysis carried out to the highest quality. With daily sample collections across the UK and Ireland, Biosearch process samples within 24hrs of sampling and immediately after incubation has completed.

Biosearch is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 1369 for the detection and enumeration of Legionella species in potable, process, swimming pool and cooling tower waters, with confirmation of serogroups 1-15 (method based on BS EN ISO 11731:2017). We work closely with accredited laboratories to subcontract additional matrices and methods including swab testing and RT-PCR for rapid detection of Legionella DNA, thereby enabling Biosearch to provide a comprehensive service to the Legionella control industry.

Biosearch is a Legionella Control Association registered company and is regularly audited and assessed by the LCA for compliance with their Code of Conduct for Service Providers and the Service Standards for Legionella Analytical Services.

We work closely with the Department of Health to ensure we continually remain at the forefront of analytical services to reduce the threat from Legionella. Our experience includes monitoring systems with a variety of Biocides and Point of Use filter apparatus.

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