Biosearch hold the most extensive UKAS accreditation schedule for water analysis associated with Healthcare requirement. 

We also offer unaccredited services associated with HEALTHCARE

This includes support to Estates (Decontamination) for Performance Qualification testing- with ISO15883 Test Soils and Micro inoculated surrogates- to assess self disinfect and decontamination systems.

  • Water Hygiene Monitoring- Legionella, P. aeruginosa, E. coli etc (ACCREDITED) 
  • Decontamination- Microbial & Chemical analysis of Endoscopy Rinse water, RO water and Steam condensate (ACCREDITED) 
  • PQ Efficacy Testing - Inoculated Surrogates to suit AER manufacturer and pathogens as directed in HTM 01:06 (NOT ACCREDITED)
  • Test Soils - ISO15883 (NOT ACCREDITED)
  • Drying Cabinet PQ Testing Surrogates-  (NOT ACCREDITED)
  • Renal & Dialysis Waters-  (ACCREDITED) 

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