Biosearch hold the most extensive UKAS accreditation schedule for water analysis associated with Healthcare requirement. 

This includes Estates Management (Decontamination) for Performance Qualification testing- with ISO15883 Test Soils and Micro inoculated surrogates- to assess self disinfect and decontamination systems.

  • Water Hygiene Monitoring- Legionella, P. aeruginosa, E. coli etc 
  • Decontamination- Microbial & Chemical analysis of Endoscopy Rinse water, RO water and Steam condensate
  • PQ Efficacy Testing - Inoculated Surrogates to suit AER manufacturer and pathogens as directed by CFPP 01 06 (soon replaced by 'HTM 0106' in 2017) 
  • Test Soils - ISO15883
  • Drying Cabinet PQ Testing Surrogates- TVC
  • Renal & Dialysis Waters- TVC

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