The demand for borehole water is increasing as the demand for wholesome water increases for industry and residential supply. Boreholes act as a valuable source of water for many businesses, farms and homes. It is important to test the quality of water from boreholes regularly to ensure it is safe to use and drink.

Quality cannot be compromised and so EU regulations and the Drinking Water Inspectorate help form the regional Private Water Supply regulations that dictate the limits that define the 'wholesomeness' of drinking water from a borehole. 

At Biosearch we carry out an extensive range of UKAS accredited microbiological and chemistry tests to Drinking Water Test Specification (DWTS).

We understand the legislative requirements set by both private and public water supply regulations. Our modern laboratory facilities and chartered scientific staff enable us to process both large and small volumes of samples to the highest level of standards. Only a laboratory holding DWTS can be used to undertake analysis for the water utility or analysis of ground water for Private Water Supply. 

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