Sampling App

As part of our Digital Transformation, Biosearch are releasing an intuitive App to capture sample data in the field- and remove the inefficiency and admin typos, associated with handling sample paperwork.

This introductory first release includes a management portal for managers to have realtime sampler info and job planning.

See Demo here 



1 WATER- Drinking Water meeting DW regs
2 WATER- Process Water for industrial purpose- eg closed loop system, cooling, etc   
3 WATER- Ground (Borehole) From a sub aquifer borehole 
4 WATER- Surface River, lake and hand dug well water
5 WATER- Healthcare Hydrotherapy, Dialysis, Reverse Osmosis & Ultrapure for use in washer disinfectors, sterilisers etc eg HTM01-06
6 WATER- Recreational Man Made- Swimming pool, Spa, Jacuuzi & Natural- fresh/marine bathing water 
7 WATER- Saline Contains high concentration of dissolved salts
8 WATER- Trade Effluent Contaminated end product from industrial process
9 WATER- Land Leachate Discharge leaching from landfill
10 WATER- Treated Sewage Ready to discharge into water course
11 WATER- Untreated Sewage Not ready to be discharged to water course
12 WATER Prepared Leachate  Leachate that has been prepared by the laboratory




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