Digital Sample Registration 2022

As part of our Digital Transformation, Biosearch have updated our Sampling App to capture sample data in the field. See Demo here 

Our SAMPLE REGISTRATION PORTAL can also register samples from a PC and manage samplers progress on the ground as well as check costs and location of sampling (if requested)



1 WATER- Drinking Water meeting DW regs
2 WATER- Process (inc HOT/COLD0 Water for industrial purpose- eg closed loop system, cooling, etc   
3 WATER- Ground (Borehole) From a sub aquifer borehole 
4 WATER- Surface River, lake and hand dug well water
5 WATER- Healthcare Hydrotherapy, Dialysis, Reverse Osmosis & Ultrapure for use in washer disinfectors, sterilisers etc eg HTM01-06
6 WATER- Recreational Man Made- Swimming pool, Spa, Jacuuzi & Natural- fresh/marine bathing water 
7 WATER- Saline Contains high concentration of dissolved salts
8 WATER- Trade Effluent Contaminated end product from industrial process
9 WATER- Land Leachate Discharge leaching from landfill
10 WATER- Treated Sewage Ready to discharge into water course
11 WATER- Untreated Sewage Not ready to be discharged to water course
12 WATER Prepared Leachate  Leachate that has been prepared by the laboratory




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