Private Water Supplies Regulations

Requirements for quality of drinking water supplied by private sources such as borewells

  • Total Viable Count/Aerobic colony count A count of all the viable micro-organisms in a water sample.
  • Coliforms/E. coli Coliforms are a family of bacteria of which E. coli is one species, associated with faecal contamination. Should be zero in drinking water
  • Taste & Odour A panel of trained analysts will assess water samples for any taste or odour. A bacteriological sample must be tested prior to taste analysis.
  • pH (Hydrogen ion) Measuring the level of acidity or alkalinity in a water sample
  • Conductivity Gives an indication of the level of contamaination of a water sample due to presence of ions
  • Bromate A by-product of chlorination or ozonation of water
  • Borehole A range of microbiological and chemical parameters

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