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Biosearch is a state-of-the-art testing laboratory, but we offer more than just test results.

We have been providing a comprehensive and reliable analytical service for more than 30 years. We focus on combining the most stringent testing standards with a personal approach. Our attention to detail extends beyond the lab, because we want to get to know you and the standards that matter to your organisation.

So when you work with us, you get the professionalism, experience and scientific expertise of our lab work, but you’ll also find it’s carried out by people who care about what you’re testing and why you’re testing it.

You can call upon the knowledge of more than 30 staff, all of whom have third level microbiological and chemical education. Between them, our team of highly skilled analysts boast a breadth of experience. We also work closely with our partners in local universities to ensure we’re at the forefront of the latest testing developments.

We recognise that a reputation can take a lifetime to build and seconds to destroy, so we help our customers put in place testing programmes that help them to meet or surpass the standards set down by industry regulators, legislation or in-house quality assurance schemes.

We're United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited for chemical testing, microbiological testing and sampling. You can find out more in our Quality [link to Quality page] section.

Every piece of advice we give and every test we conduct is geared towards building and sustaining your reputation.

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